The School session start in April and ends in March. The parents seeking admission for their ward should register the name of the ward before that.The age requirement of child depends upon the class.Admission in classes will depend on the vacancies available and information regarding this can obatined from the school office/notice board a few days before the beginnging of the new academic session. Propectus and registration from is available at the reception on all working days.
      Admission are made on the basis of an Interview and entrance examination.The merit of the Students is this sole criteria for the selection.Offers of donation and bring influence to bear on the management with a view to gain admission etc.will entail disqualification of the candidate.
      The application for Admission /Registration shold be accompained by an authentic document containing the child's Date of Birth.A Student comming from an affilated and recognized shool should produce a Transfar Certificate clearly stating the Date of Birth.
      The Principal reserves to himself the right to refuse admission to any student,without furnishing any reason.

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